Testimonials From Our Advisors

This career has given me a lifestyle that I never thought I would have, while making an impact on people’s lives.

Kenyon Lang, Joined Strategies November 1996

The training is second to none. In my second week here I learned more about finance than in 4 years of college.

Scott Tasch, Joined Strategies January 2003

Strategies for Wealth has provided me with the infrastructure and training that has helped me be successful; it’s self-motivating...I have been fortunate enough to build my business...I now have a more balanced life—work, family, recreation—while maintaining a good stand-ard of living...When this works, there’s nothing better than this business.

Craig Slaughter (12 yrs), Former Investment Banker

Strategies for Wealth gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing for my family... They gave me the freedom and independence to help my clients in the best way possible... Strategies for Wealth gives you the tools and skill set to be successful...I didn’t come to Strategies for Wealth with a sense of desperation, but with a sense of opportunity.

Rob Pruett (10 yrs) , Former IBM Executive